Addressing a Bad Transmission: The Warning Signs

It is important to anticipate the warning signs of a bad transmission so that you can effectively address the situation as soon as possible with a transmission repair. Having a realistic expectation of the pricing helps to prevent any surprises when you get the bill. This transmission repair is usually a fairly steep one, but promptly assessing and addressing the transmission will potentially save you stress and money. Just because your vehicle is having transmission issues, does not mean you will have to replace the entire system. There are some warning signs that can allow you to get the car in before it becomes a catastrophic nightmare issue.

A decline in shift quality and overall feel

Pay attention to the feel of your vehicle when switching gears and it will pay dividends by getting it in early. Clunky and strange shift patterns may be indicative of a major problem with the transmission. When speeding up the car should run smoothly, but if it seems like the transmission is struggling to get up to speed then there may be an underlying issue that needs attention. Your car should have smooth gear transitions and when it becomes labored, it is telling you to take it in. Many people ignore this warning sign and end up damaging the car further over time.

Abnormal Noises signal complications

There are certain noises that will occur when your transmission is experiencing issues and these can include grinding, whistling, humming, or aggressive growling. If you had a pet that was barking uncontrollably and always whining, then that would be a sign to take them to the vet. It is the same deal when assessing the transmission issues in any car and you should listen to the sounds it makes because that is valuable information about the needed auto repair. If the system is making strange noises, it does not have to be loud. It can be subtle so use your ears to take note of any differences without waiting to take it in. Even light humming can be a sign that the transmission is starting to fail and needs attention.

Overheating is a palpable warning sign

Overheating of the transmission is directly linked to the transmission fluid in many cases, and it is possible you have an improper fluid level. If there is not enough fluid to cool the transmission then it will overheat and cause a multitude of problems that can render your car useless. Mechanical faults are also contenders for overheating and the only way to know for sure is to take it to a professional who can distinguish the difference through diagnostics and auto repair. In this case, there is also the possibility that there is just some burnt fluid causing things to get hotter that needs to be cleaned. A transmission flush can effectively clean out any burnt fluid and solve this issue.

Ways to keep your transmission healthy longer

Below you will find effective ways to mitigate the factors of transmission failure and achieve optimal results for your vehicle longevity. Every car breaks down eventually, and transmission is usually one of the first things to have issues. When you utilize these tips, it will help to increase the lifespan of your car and reduce the risk of premature transmission failure. Implement these tips and take care of business for increased awareness of the potential issues that many overlook!

·       Drive Safely and smoothly

·       Take proper care of your transmission

·       Note your transmission fluid

·       Shift Properly

·       Utilize Common sense

·       Let a professional diagnose issues